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About Participation Stuff

1. What is StuffStuff?
StuffStuff is a program that allows you to test and keep stuff sent to you by manufacturers in exchange for your feedback. StuffStuff is a new online site that brings these Testers and Manufacturers together. Testers can apply to test stuff and Manufacturers can get their stuff in the hands of their target market. It's a win-win!
2. How can I participate/register?
One of the benefits of membership in the North American Hunting Club, North American Fishing Club, Handyman Club of America, National Home Gardening Club, Cooking Club of America, and the Golf Partners Club is the ability to participate in StuffStuff. At this time, these are StuffStuff's only partners. You must be a member of one of these clubs to be able to register and participate in StuffStuff. Become a member and get started today!
3. How often can I expect to get stuff to test?
It depends on how active you are in StuffStuff. In StuffStuff, you get to apply to test stuff you are interested in. The more often you apply, the more often you will be selected for stuff to test; however, we do our best to make sure everyone gets at least one item to test a year.
4. How do I know If I'm accepted to test a product?
If you are accepted into a product test, you will be notified on your dashboard and via email. Once the product has shipped, you will receive a follow up email providing you with a time frame of when you will receive it.

Account & Dashboard Stuff:

1. What is my Account Dashboard?
Your Account Dashboard is where you can see a summary of your applications, any current product tests or previous product tests. The right column on your Account Dashboard gives you access to update all of your information.
2. Where do I update my address?
Go to your Account Dashboard, in the right bar under the My Account section, select Shipping Information.
3. How can I change my password?
Go to your Account Dashboard, in the right bar under the My Account section, select Login and Password Information.
4. How do I update my email address?
Go to your Account Dashboard, in the right bar under the My Account section, select Email Preferences.
5. What are the different email preferences for?
  • Marketing Communications: Subscribe to get information on test opportunities that match your profile, special offers, and more!
  • StuffStuff eNewsletter: Subscribe to keep up-to-date on the exciting things happening on StuffStuff like new point activities!
  • Interest & Product News: Subscribe to the interest areas you want to know more about from changes in test statuses, special opportunities, and tips!
6. What is the Personal Details profile used for?
Personal Details consists of basic demographic information. We use this information to get stuff that are a match for our StuffStuff members. We also use this information to help match you to stuff.
7. What is My Interest Profile?
My Interest Profile is where we find out about your specific interests and activities. We will use this information to best match you with stuff you have applied to test. Manufacturers will also use these questions to set the criteria for their test products.
8. How do I connect to other partners?
You can easily connect your account to one of StuffStuff’s participating partners. Participating partners are listed on your account dashboard under My Connections. Read step-by-step instructions for how to connect.

Points & Level Stuff

1. What are levels?
Levels are how StuffStuff classifies products. There are six levels numbered from one to six.
You get assigned a level as well by earning points. Whatever level you are classified in by your points, you can apply to test products in that level and all levels lower than that one. For instance, if your level is 3, you can apply to test products in the following levels: 1, 2 and 3. The levels are typically directly related to price value of product. Level 1 $10 and under, Level 2 $11-$25, Level 3 $26-$50, Level 4 $51-$100, Level 5 $101-$500, and Level 6 $500 and above, but sometimes we will put higher valued products in lower levels for special opportunities.
2. How do I earn StuffStuff points?
You can earn points by completing various activities in StuffStuff. Earn them by simply setting up your account:
  • Complete the club Interest Profiles (5 points each)
  • Registering from a NAMG website, such as North American Hunting Club
    • Official Members = 5 points
    • Life Members = 20 points
    • Trophy & Premier Life Members = 40 points
  • Connecting your account to Facebook (3 points)
  • Connecting your account to Twitter (2 points)
  • Facebook "Like" a product from StuffStuff (1 point)
  • Tweet a product from StuffStuff (1 point)
  • Complete the required Post Test Report:
    • Level 1 = 11 points
    • Level 2 = 25 points
    • Level 3 = 45 points
    • Level 4 = 80 points
    • Level 5 = 113 points
    • Level 6 = 140 points
  • Write a Product Review and post to StuffStuff - Earn bonus points for photos included in the review! (3-6 points possible - depending on level)
  • Interact on Facebook and Twitter about the product via Social Sharing (2-4 points per action - depending on level)
  • Post comments and reviews on other sites and record the URL (4-8 points per approved post - depending on level - and there is a max of 10 uploads)
3. Why did my points go down?
Your points can be reduced for two different reasons:
  1. If you are selected to test a product, your points will be deducted by the point value of that product (anywhere from 10-200 points). Here is a break-down of the points that will be taken away for testing products:

    • Level 1 Product Test: 10 point deduction
    • Level 2 Product Test: 25 point deduction
    • Level 3 Product Test: 50 point deduction
    • Level 4 Product Test: 100 point deduction
    • Level 5 Product Test: 150 point deduction
    • Level 6 Product Test: 200 point deduction

  2. You can earn back your points by completing the Post Test Review process. See Question #2, above. (Get more info on Completing a Review ).

  3. If you completed a Product Review posted to StuffStuff that did not follow our Terms of Use and your review was removed, any points you earned for that review will be removed from your total.
4. Where can I see how many points I have and what level I am in?
Visit your Account Dashboard and look in the upper corner to see the number of points you have earned and the level you are in. You will also see a thermometer with the various levels and your progress reaching higher levels.

Application Process Stuff

1. What does applying to test stuff mean?
Applying to test stuff means you are raising your hand and telling us you would like to test that specific product. While it doesn't mean you are guaranteed to test that product, it does show us that you are interested.
2. How do I apply to test stuff?
To apply to test stuff, go to the navigation bar and select an interest area. Then, click on Stuff Available to Test. Once you see a product you like, click on the "Learn More" button to get more detailed information to decide if you would like to apply to test that product. If you decide you would like to test that product, click the "Apply to Test" button to be considered for that test. You will be prompted to complete any missing information from your account if necessary.
You can apply for up to ten items at a time, and you can always visit your Account Dashboard to see a snapshot of what you've applied to test under the "My Active Requests for Stuff to Test" section.
3. How do I know if I'm eligible to test a specific product?
To be eligible to test a specific product, you will need to look at that products level (Read about Levels). If the product is a Level 3, and you are a Level 2, you are not eligible to test that product.
If the product is at your level or lower, then you will want to see if the product has any specific test requirements.  If the product has test requirements, next to the Apply to Test button, there is a link that says "Do I meet the Requirements?" click on that link to read any additional information needed for testing that product.
4. Is there a limit of how many products I can apply to test at one time?
Yes, there is a limit of 10 active applications for products to test. If you change your mind about a product, you can remove your application.
5. I changed my mind about testing a product, how can I remove my application?
You can easily remove your application by going to your Account Dashboard and view the sections called "My Active Requests for Products to Test". Find the product that you wish to remove and click on "Remove My Name". A confirmation box will appear, select "Yes, Remove My Application". The product will then disappear from your Active Requests for Stuff to Test.
6. What's the difference between Apply Now and Buy Now?
You do not need to purchase the product in order to test it. At StuffStuff, you can test stuff or buy stuff. Many times manufacturers will offer their products at a discount to our StuffStuff members and we want to make sure that gets passed along to you. If you are logged in and looking at a product's detail page, you will see up to two options: Apply Now and Buy Now.
  1. Buy Now will take you to a 3rd party site to buy the product. Be sure to read the product descriptions on StuffStuff to see if there is a special promo code to use. If you do not see the option to Buy Now, it means the product is not available to purchase online at this time.
  2. Apply Now will submit an application for the product test. Note: If you don't have enough points to apply to test the product, it will say Insufficient points. If you do not see the option to Apply Now, it means the product is not available to test at this time. You can go to the drop down What's Your Interest, select your interest, and find Stuff Available to Test and filter to see only those products.

Review Process Stuff

1. How do I complete a product review after I'm done testing?
The Post Test Review process consists of a 3 activities: Post Test Report, Product Review and Social Sharing. Follow Step-By-Step Post Test Review Instructions.
2. What parts of the review process are required and what is optional?
There are three parts to the post test review process: Post Test Report, Product Review and Social Sharing.
  1. The Post Test Report is the detailed questionnaire asking you various questions about the product. This is a required component of the review process.
  2. The Product Review is the review that is posted to StuffStuff's product details page so other StuffStuff members can read about your experience with the product. This is an optional component of the review process but is highly encouraged.
  3. The Social Sharing section includes various opportunities to communicate your experience with the product on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This section is optional but is a great way to earn additional points.
3. Why should I participate in the "Sharing Opportunities" during the review process?
By participating you can earn additional points and easily let your friends and family know about a new great product! Remember, the more points you earn, the higher level you will achieve with opportunities to test higher value products.
4. What if I don't complete my review?
If you do not complete your review you will be ineligible to test further products. The manufacturers are depending on your feedback to improve their products.
5. In the Social Sharing section, what is the External URL section?
Share an external URL with a review that you posted. You can go to other sites,such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Epinons, and post content, whether it be video or forum posts, and give us that URL and we’ll track it! NOTE: You will earn 4-8 points for each post (up to 10 posts) and these will be reviewed prior to points being awarded. Facebook, Twitter and StuffStuff URLs are not accepted because there are other point earning activities with these sites.

Social Feature Stuff

1. Why should I use the social features?
You can interact with the social features on the Product Details page by Facebook liking products and manufacturers and Tweeting about them. You can also interact with social features during the Product Review process after you have tested a product. By using these features, you can easily share your opinion of products with others who will benefit from your experiences with the products.
2. What does connecting to Facebook mean?
By connecting to Facebook, you can easily spread the word about the products you've tested. Manufacturers want you to tell your friends about their product -- and social networks make this easy to do. You will be given additional opportunities in the product review section to spread the word.
3. What does connecting to Twitter mean?
By connecting to Twitter, you will be following StuffStuff on Twitter. You will get the inside scoop on top reviews, new products available to test and more! Plus, you can easily spread the word about the products you've tested by tweeting with StuffStuff.
4. How do I connect to Twitter and get points? (Includes troubleshooting tips)
Connect to Twitter using these instructions: Step-By-Step Twitter Instructions. The instructions also have helpful troubleshooting ideas.
5. How do I connect to Facebook and get points? (Includes troubleshooting tips)
Connect to Facebook using these instructions: Step-By-Step Facebook Instructions. The instructions also have helpful troubleshooting ideas.
6. How do I disconnect from Facebook?
We're sorry you want to disconnect your account from Facebook. You will need to remove the StuffStuff app in Facebook. First, log in to your Facebook account. Then go to Privacy Settings and select Edit Settings under Apps and Websites. Find the StuffStuff App and select Remove. Your status under Social Connections will show as Not Connected when you log in the next time.
7. How do I disconnect from Twitter?
We're sorry you want to disconnect your account from Twitter and no longer follow StuffStuff. You will need log in to Twitter and go to @StuffStuff and select unfollow.

Submitting Issues Feedback Stuff

1. How do I contact StuffStuff?
If you ever have to get a hold of us, simply send us an email at . 

2. I read an inauthentic review, what should I do?
The StuffStuff team moderates all reviews, but there are a lot of them, and sometimes a few might slip by us. We appreciate your help in directing us to any that we might have not yet seen or slipped by us. If you read a review that leads you to believe the member has never used the product, contained inappropriate language or didn't discuss the product or it's features, click on the report button for that review and the StuffStuff team will review it. If the review does not meet the requirements, the review will be removed and the originally awarded points deducted.